Activities & Resources

common-sense-media-logoCommon Sense Media educator training and curriculum allows educators to learn the basics of teaching students how to think critically, behave safely, and participate responsibly in the digital world.

STEM Education Coalition and After School AllianceSTEM Education Coalition & After School Alliance – An afterschool guide to partnering on career and technical education.

STEM Next Opportunity FundSTEM Next Opportunity Fund – Changing the Game in STEM with Family Engagement: A White Paper for Practitioners and Field Leaders to Empower Families in STEM

nasalogo-570x450 NASA for Educators  strives to “inspire and motivate students to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics” by supporting education in the Nation’s schools and to “engage the public in shaping and sharing the experience of exploration and discovery” by supporting informal education and public outreach efforts.

raspberry_pi_logo-svgRaspberry Pi is a series of credit card-sized single-board computers developed in the United Kingdom by the Raspberry Pi Foundation to promote the teaching of basic computer science in schools and developing countries.

download.png NSTA resources for NGSS aligned curriculum and activities.

iste_logo ISTE‘s mission is to empower learners to flourish in a connected world by cultivating a passionate professional learning community, linking educators and partners, leveraging knowledge and expertise, advocating for strategic policies, and continually improving learning and teaching.

oen-logo-map The Oregon Educator Network is a dynamic tool for sharing and discovery of practices, resources, model programs, and professional development.

scratch_logo Scratch for Educators prepares educators to lead their students through projects using Scratch to code their own interactive stories, animations, and games. In the process, youth learn to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively — essential skills for everyone in today’s society.

DonorsChoose.png Donors Choose  makes it easy for anyone to help a classroom in need, moving us closer to a nation where students in every community have the tools and experiences they need for a great education.

youcubed_logo2x youcubed  inspires Math Success for all Students through Growth Mindsets and Innovative Teaching.

MindsetWorkslogo.jpg Mindset Works is the global leader in growth mindset training for educators and students, leveraging the pioneering research of co-founders Carol Dweck and Lisa Blackwell. The mission at Mindset Works is to enable a world in which people seek and are fulfilled by ongoing learning and growth.