Pockets of Innovation

In an attempt to elevate the incredible work in the East Metro area, EMSP supported 15 Pockets of Innovation.  The goal of this collective project was to raise awareness of the dedicated professionals, passionate community members, and inspiring youth in our area.

Read the preliminary evaluation of the Pockets of Innovation, completed by NPC Research here:

2017 Preliminary Report on Pockets of Innovation

MetroEast Community Media created 3 videos highlighting the Pockets of Innovation, closed captioned in ENglish, Vietnamese, Spanish, and Russian! View them on MetroEast Community Media’s YouTube site.

Over 500 people participated in the online showcase of ideas in the East Metro area!  On December 19th over 30 members of the partnership gathered with an outside facilitator to elevate 15 of 22 projects for funding.  See description of the Pockets and partners below: